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Creating Your Playbook of 2019 Advocacy Tactics

Creating Your Playbook of 2019 Advocacy Tactics

By Meredith Keller | January 15, 2019

2019 has already ushered in a new Congress, a divided political landscape, and declarations of presidential campaigns for 2020. Savvy advocacy teams are planning their strategy for the months ahead to ensure they’re employing the right tactics for this year. To help in that effort, Phone2Action gathered a group of advocacy professionals on a webinar last…

Midterm State Ballot Initiatives as a Thermometer for Your Issue

Midterm State Ballot Initiatives as a Thermometer for Your Issue

By Meredith Keller | November 9, 2018

What do this year’s ballot initiatives tell us about citizens’ attitudes on issues? Voters weighed in on more than just candidates in Tuesday’s midterm election. 157 ballot initiatives were approved or rejected across 37 states. Results from ballot initiatives provide a temperature check on how voters feel about a specific issue. Some states allow citizens…

Steven Cruz, Strategic Partner, RedEdge

GrassScoops: An Interview Series – Steven Cruz, RedEdge

By Meredith Keller | October 22, 2018

Steven Cruz, Strategic Partner at RedEdge, works with organizations and political campaigns to develop strategies for issue advocacy and communications. We recently spoke with Steven about the digital tools he uses in his work, trends he sees in advocacy campaigns today, and the future of grassroots advocacy. Tell us about your professional background and how you got into advocacy.…

How State Voting Laws Will Affect Voter Turnout in the Midterms

How Voting Laws by State Will Affect Voter Turnout in the Midterms

By Meredith Keller | September 24, 2018

Key Takeaways Midterm elections have much lower voter turnout than on-year elections State voting laws and options can vary in complicated ways Some state voting laws can create barriers to voting that negatively impact turnout Voting restrictions can decrease turnout disproportionally within certain demographic groups Effective advocacy could hinge on whether you empower your supporters…

emerging industries

Why Customers Should Help Shape Public Policy in Emerging Industries

By Meredith Keller | June 5, 2018

Public policy can have a significant impact on emerging industries. When companies begin to offer products and services that haven’t existed before, there are often no laws that dictate where and how they can do business. New laws are sometimes proposed in a quickly-changing landscape that varies from state to state (and even city to…

advocacy campaigns

Proven Grassroots Advocacy Campaigns You Can Make Your Own

By Meredith Keller | May 9, 2018

Creating a grassroots advocacy campaign that speaks to your audience and moves them to take action requires a certain amount of creativity. Even if you have a compelling message behind your campaign, if you want to get results, you also must have a sound strategy for broadcasting your message. We identified successful grassroots advocacy campaigns…

hill day

How Two Association Leaders Plan for Hill Day

By Meredith Keller | May 3, 2018

As government affairs and policy leaders at associations and nonprofits know, getting constituents in front of federal lawmakers can be powerful. Many organizations plan a day for their supporters and members to travel to Capitol Hill in Washington to meet with lawmakers in person, often referred to as “Hill Day.” But sometimes in the months after the…

corporate advocacy

Are You Missing Out on the Power of Corporate Advocacy?

By Meredith Keller | April 27, 2018

When people think of corporate advocacy, many imagine it’s all about powerful lobbyists in Washington courting lawmakers and other beltway insiders in backroom deals. Grassroots advocacy, or mobilizing a large group of regular people to voice their opinion on an issue, isn’t associated with corporations. That’s just for nonprofits and special interest groups, right? While…

GrassScoops: An Interview Series – Eric Ebenstein

By Meredith Keller | March 28, 2018

Our interview series GrassScoops features grassroots advocacy changemakers from leading associations, nonprofits, and corporations each month. This month, we spoke with Eric Ebenstein, Head of North America Public Policy at DJI, the world’s largest civilian drone manufacturer. Eric dropped by our office so we could conduct the interview in person. DJI advocates on the local, state, federal,…

Mobilizing communities of color

Mobilizing Communities of Color

By Meredith Keller | March 20, 2018

As the U.S. population becomes increasingly multicultural, the electoral power of communities of color grows too. These communities are powerful sources of change, but mobilizing them can be difficult. On February 28, 2018, we brought two leaders in advocacy together for a live webinar to share their insights on mobilizing these communities. We were lucky…