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Matthew Hendrickson


The Power of Sending Personalized Messages to Lawmakers

By Matthew Hendrickson | March 25, 2019

Hundreds of identical, form-letter emails are easy for lawmakers to ignore Unique email messages stand out when a staffer is scanning the inbox, and are much more likely to reach the lawmaker Advocates are willing to share personal stories with their representatives Organizations can encourage their advocates to send personalized messages to lawmakers by making…

Phone2Action Advocacy Chatbot

Introducing the Phone2Action Advocacy Chatbot

By Matthew Hendrickson | September 6, 2018

Our mission at Phone2Action is to power movements that change the world. Paramount to making that a reality is creating digital advocacy tools that are easy to use for any supporter, anywhere. We constantly explore new technologies, observe trends in the market, and challenge ourselves to consider innovations to make our tools even more accessible…