Jason Langsner


Election 2020: Engagement Won’t End Nov 3

By Jason Langsner | October 14, 2020

Millions of Americans have already voted early and many millions more will make their voices heard on or before November 3. Voting early is not unique to this year’s election. Voters have decided to vote outside the booth on Election Day for years. But the sheer numbers this year, along with the fiery tone of…

Get Out The Vote—Now!

By Jason Langsner | June 1, 2020

Get Ready for Huge Changes in Voting Rules—and Big Opportunities for GOTV With this year’s general election less than six months away, it’s time to talk about how to get out the vote—and we mean NOW ! Call it GOTV(N). At the start of the year, traditional milestones like the Iowa Caucuses in February and…

A Look at the 2019 Elections

A Look at the 2019 Elections

By Jason Langsner | November 6, 2019

Earlier this year, Phone2Action released “The P.O.W.E.R. Plan” and a corresponding webinar, which provided a blueprint for how organizations can strengthen advocacy in an election year. With the 2020 elections coming fast—Election Day is now less that an year away and the Iowa Caucuses are Feb. 3—smart organizations are already preparing. Part of that means…