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7 Top Issues for State Legislatures in 2022

By The Phone2Action Team | January 9, 2022

Legislatures in 46 states will soon begin work in earnest, launching a storm of legislation on scores of issues that will keep government affairs teams busy for the next six months. Only Montana, Nevada, North Dakota and Texas will remain quiet, with no sessions scheduled this year. While major legislation in Congress often slows in…

What's Ahead for Your Team in 2022

What’s Ahead For Your Team in 2022

By The Phone2Action Team | December 10, 2021

If you thought that 2021 was a challenge for government affairs teams, next year might cause you to redefine that term. Days after we ring in the New Year, state legislative sessions will begin nationwide and fly-in season will start soon after. Add in a midterm election that will set the course of politics for…

Government Affairs Lessons from 2021

Government Affairs Lessons From 2021

By The Phone2Action Team | December 3, 2021

This year began with some very unique challenges: a change in administration, a new Congress, an effort to overthrow a presidential election and an attack on the U.S. capitol building that resulted in criminal charges for more than 700 people. As USA Today reported, “six days into 2021, it was clear things weren’t going to…

The 2022 elections just started. Get ready now.

The 2022 Elections Just Started. Get Ready Now.

By The Phone2Action Team | November 3, 2021

With this year’s elections now in the books, many organizations have already turned their attention to races a year from now—and their timing is solid. The 2022 midterm elections will have a tectonic impact on how your government relations team does business in the next three years. It will affect policy and legislation, both in…

How Social Media Helps Drive Advocacy

How Social Media Helps Drive Advocacy

By The Phone2Action Team | September 17, 2021

When you consider the tools available to conduct effective advocacy campaigns, social media may not be at the top of the list. Many organizations consider email and text messaging to be more reliable channels. But industry statistics show that social media—both paid and organic—is one of the most powerful tools available when organizations know how…

How to Increase Your GA Budget

How to Increase Your GR Budget

By The Phone2Action Team | September 10, 2021

From the annual budget to special projects throughout the year, government affairs professionals often have to ask for money. It’s just part of the job. But for people who work in politics and policy, that’s not always an easy thing to do. The reason is simple: they don’t have the same business background as executives…

Top Tools to Reach a Rural Audience

By The Phone2Action Team | August 20, 2021

What percentage of America is rural? It may surprise you to learn that as much as 97% of the United States is green and that only a small percentage of the country is actually paved. More surprising is that more than 80% of the population lives in that tiny urban and suburban sliver. It’s therefore…

Facebook Ads Don’t Turn Out Voters, They Turn Out Donors

Facebook Ads Don’t Turn Out Voters, They Turn Out Donors

By The Phone2Action Team | December 18, 2020

The Trump campaign’s Facebook ads were far more effective than those run by the Biden campaign. But not for voter turnout. The ads produced donors, rather than votes. In fact, a Phone2Action analysis combining Facebook ad data with campaign money data from our Donor Insight tool shows millions of dollars were spent by each campaign…

After Record-Setting Start, Political Donations Fall Off a Cliff

After Record-Setting Start, Political Donations Fall Off a Cliff

By The Phone2Action Team | June 10, 2020

In mid-March 2020, political donations to candidates fell off a cliff. Campaigns had been collecting double what they did in 2016. As cities went into shelter-in-place, and as economic uncertainty grew, donations fell all the way back to where they were four years ago, sometimes even lower. As we reported previously, 2020’s political donations started…

$152 Million in Lost Donations Due to Coronavirus

By The Phone2Action Team | June 1, 2020

The massive wave of political donations came crashing down in March. After months of receipts at double 2016 levels, donors in March only gave a third more than they did four years ago. If campaigns had continued the previous level of momentum, they could have raised an additional $152 Million. Compare monthly donations to Republican…