How We Walk the Talk: Encouraging Civic Participation


At Phone2Action, we pride ourselves on our mission to strengthen democracy by empowering organizations, citizens and civil society as a whole. Elections are the ultimate event, and Phone2Action wants to help our employees get out to vote. This is how we do it.

 We walk the talk by providing four hours for our employees to vote every time there is an election. We also conduct educational sessions and encourage employees to post to our social media account wearing their official Phone2Action voting swag.

We are particularly proud of our employees’ civic and community engagement, and encourage it by offering paid time off to do that type of work. It’s amazing to see how some employees have taken advantage of our Civic Engagement Day, volunteering for voter activities like working at election sites and virtually canvassing on behalf of organizations.

“As a veteran of electoral campaigns, I was thrilled when Phone2Action announced the employee Civic Day that could be used for direct participation in the electoral process” said Matt Santoro, Product Marketing Manager at Phone2Action. “While my days as a campaign organizer are behind me, the opportunity to volunteer for a candidate in a close local race on Election Day helped me feel connected to my organizing roots and my local community.”

Supporting Employees

Our software was created to help customers on all sides of the political spectrum reach out to their supporters and exercise their voices to advocate for change. One of the most important tasks at Phone2Action is to remain non-partisan, however, we recognize and appreciate the diversity of thought and political beliefs that our employees hold. It is the diversity of our employees that allows us to serve a wide variety of clients and to produce the products and services we provide. 

This election is a pivotal point in American history and it will shape our nation for years to come. Many companies share this thought and have joined alliances and initiatives like Vote Early Day and  Time to Vote, promising to provide election resources and give their team members time to participate.



Hallmark, Ben & Jerry’s, Seventh Generation, PayPal, Liberty Mutual and Expedia are among the many organizations that empower individuals to go and vote by providing key information on the election, candidates and voting procedures.

There is real power in the ability to choose our elected officials. As an employer, there is power in supporting your employees’ right to vote. Regardless of your political affiliation, when you go to vote, you become part of the solution by strengthening our democracy. As you prepare to mail in your ballot or go to the polls, remember that you have a voice and you have the right to be heard—and that is what makes our nation strong.

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