Closed Legislatures? 5 Ways You Can Still Use Advocate Stories

Your advocates’ stories are one of your most valuable advocacy resources. They can be used to tell your story to public officials, to energize social media or to put a human face on just about any cause or campaign.

While legislators are out of session (as they are in 34 states right now), smart advocacy professionals are powering their efforts by collecting advocate stories. Below are 5 ways that you can use Phone2Action’s powerful custom message tools to collect and promote your advocates’ stories. 

Send Thank You Messages

Lawmakers see fewer incoming messages when legislatures are out of session. They also rarely receive messages thanking them for bills they sponsored, votes they cast  or positions they championed. This creates a powerful opening for personal stories from your advocates. 

Phone2Action’s Convo campaigns give your advocates a unique opportunity to contact legislators with a personal story about how their representative’s vote affected them. During legislative downtime, send a custom message campaign to your advocates – their message will stand out and their powerful personal stories will stick in the minds of legislators and staff. Phone2Action’s Convo campaign is perfect for this application. For help setting up a custom message campaign, check out our new guide.

Prepare for the Next Session

Your legislature may not be in session, but they will be soon. Lawmakers in many states will come back in January. This means you can collect advocate stories now and save them for the next session. When legislative action heats up, you’ll be ahead of the floor calendar (and perhaps your opponents) with powerful personal messages from real people. 

If you know what’s coming on the agenda, you can work on messaging and strategy now, too. In fact, some professional advocacy software (Phone2Action included) will allow you to schedule campaigns. You can set your messaging for the opening of the session right now.

Find Your Super Advocates

Advanced advocacy programs are always moving advocates through an engagement funnel, starting with small tasks such as signing up for a newsletter and advancing . Asking your advocates to share their personal stories through Aero campaigns is a great way to identify your “super advocates.” These are the special people on your list who are committed to your mission and respond to most of your requests. Identifying your super advocates will help you identify which of your advocates should be targeted for donation solicitations, volunteer calls and other advanced requests.

Grow Your Social Media Presence by highlighting your advocate’s stories

Cut through the social media noise with strong multimedia content that tells the story of your mission in very human terms. Ask your advocates to tell personal stories about how they are directly affected by issues and legislation. This can be legislation that was recently passed or legislation you are trying to influence in the next session. Not only will custom messages increase your social media influence, but your advocate’s stories will create a stronger bond between you, your audience and legislators.

Gather Stories for Legislative Meetings

Advocate narratives can be incredibly impactful at legislative meetings.  Whether it’s sharing a specific advocate story in a legislative meeting or referencing that narrative during a committee hearing, personal narratives resonate with policymakers. Your advocate is a constituent, and their story can help personalize even the most nuanced policy matter. 

Collecting these stories when legislatures are not in session and building a story bank allows you time to engage your advocates, focus on constituents of your priority officials and develop a valuable asset for your public affairs program. 


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