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Advocacy Resources - White paper

Eight Best Practices for Grassroots Advocacy
Follow these eight best practices for running successful advocacy campaigns to engage the public, move people to take action and maximize your probability of success.




Advocacy resources - White paper

Social Media Responsiveness in Congress and Local Government
We know that social media has changed the way people communicate, but does that mean it can change how legislators act? We set out to find out if a citizen can use social media to more effectively communicate with an elected representative. The Organizing Center, funded by the Phone2Action Civic Tech Fund, set out to find real answers. We launched a continuing effort to analyze the Facebook and Twitter behavior of every official Congressional account. This began during a busy recess full of in-district constituent events and policy battles. The data within reflects the first phase of scoring across the entire month of August, with the goal of creating the first-ever complete, quantitative index. We also reviewed city councils in Washington, DC, and San Francisco, CA to understand federal vs. local differences.


Case Studies

Advocacy resources - Shatterproof case study

Shatterproof is a national nonprofit organization focused on ending the devastation that addiction causes families. They leveraged Phone2Action technology to help aid the passage of the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act in California.




Advocacy resources - Lyft case study

Lyft, a leading transportation company that allows drivers to share rides, uses Phone2Action’s mobile advocacy tools to amplify the voices of community members across the U.S.—making it easier for them to let their elected officials know about their support for Lyft’s ridesharing services.




fantasy sports for all phone2action case study

Fantasy Sports For All
In 2015, FanDuel and DraftKings were ascendant. But in November of that year, New York’s Attorney General equated fantasy sports with illegal gambling. As the booming industry was thrown into crisis, Fantasy Sports For All pushed back against the existential threat. They leveraged Phone2Action to drive passage of legislation making the pastime explicitly legal in New York State.




Advocacy resources - product video

Phone2Action Overview
Get a quick overview of Phone2Action’s digital advocacy platform to learn how we can help your organization accelerate success in your grassroots advocacy and stakeholder engagement campaigns.



Advocacy resources - AHA video

American Heart Association
The American Heart Association used Phone2Action to make it easy for advocates to take action on their phones and get involved in passing a landmark health education bill in New York. In Fall 2014, New York passed a bill that sets the stage for action by the Board of Regents to have all New York school children complete hands-only cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training.



Advocacy resources - webinar

Best Practices for Engaging Newcomers to Advocacy
View the on-demand version of our webinar where our speakers discussed best practices for reaching and engaging new advocate voices so they are able to cut through the noise and make the strongest policy impact possible.


  • John Patton, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Phone2Action
  • Lindsay Dahl, VP of Community Affairs, Beautycounter
  • Nick Dean, Senior Project Manager, 270 Strategies


Advocacy resources - digital politics podcast

Digital Politics Podcast: “Protests, Flash Points, and Movements” with Jeb Ory
Jeb Ory, CEO and Co-Founder, Phone2Action reminds us that people have always protested in the town square but now everyone has a megaphone. We talk about how movements come together, which ones become sustainable, and what counts as a successful protest or demonstration of disapproval, anger or support.



Advocacy resources - digital politics podcast

Digital Politics Podcast: “Will the Tech Community Mobilize in Defense of Net Neutrality?” with Martyn Griffen and Christopher Arroyo
Martyn Griffen and Christopher Arroyo of Phone2Action predict we will see protests related to the proposed rule changes for net neutrality. We have entered the Age of Advocacy and Martyn and Chris reflect on how earlier protests to resist SOPA/PIPA in 2012 and to get net neutrality passed in 2015 might be indicators of how all the different stakeholders will have their voices heard in the age of President Trump.


empowered patient podcast

Empowered Patient Podcast: “Who is Joining in Healthcare Protests” with Brad Ellison
Brad Ellison, Head of the Healthcare Practice at Phone2Action has a deep understanding of what drives protests about healthcare issues having previously worked as legislative counsel to a member of the House of Representatives. We talk about recent protests by scientists and doctors and how healthcare activists need to educate and identify stories that will drive home their messages. Key to creating a successful protest is growing a community that responds to a call to action.