SocialPulse: Social Media Advocacy at Its Best

phone2action socialpulse

Advocacy is radically different now than it was even a few years ago. Online spaces like social media sites are becoming more popular as places for civic engagement and discussion. The average American spends nearly a third of their time on social media, and 84% of Americans are more comfortable engaging in political discussion on social media than in person.

With social media, your organization has the chance to connect with millions of people around the country and influence public policy through grassroots advocacy. But the only way that you can take advantage of this shifting landscape is with powerful digital advocacy tools that enable you to share your campaigns, track your advocates’ actions, amplify your advocates’ voices, and engage with them directly from one location. That’s why you need SocialPulse.

SocialPulse is a new Phone2Action feature that enables you to take the ‘pulse’ of your campaigns on social media, gaining real-time insight into your advocates’ activities on behalf of your cause. It’s the only tool that enables you to have one-to-one communication with your advocates across multiple platforms.

From one central location, you can:

  • Share your advocacy campaigns on Facebook and Twitter directly from the platform
  • Track your campaign’s performance across multiple social media accounts from one dashboard
  • Watch advocates interact with their elected officials in real time
  • Watch advocates share your campaigns on their own pages, encouraging their friends and family to take action
  • Engage your advocates on social media directly from the SocialPulse dashboard

Social media has changed the face of civic engagement. SocialPulse will power the next generation of relationships between advocates and organizations.

SocialPulse puts more power in your hands than ever before. Click here to download our short SocialPulse guide, and click here to schedule a demo today.