Mobile Advocacy

Phone2Action’s mobile tools for advocacy and mobile engagement make it a breeze to engage with your advocates the minute they are ready to take action. According to Pew Internet, more than 90% of adults in the United States have a mobile phone, and by the end of 2014, 64% of adults will own a smartphone.

Get an edge on the competition with Phone2Action mobile advocacy and campaign management tools

1) Use Phone2Action text messaging to engage with people at live events, or when an issue is urgent

2) Use patch-through calling campaigns when you need to drive hundreds or even thousands of calls to elected officials

3) Use Phone2Action mobile action centers when you want to give your supporters new ways to take action – over social media, by sending emails, or making patch-through calls.

Mobile Advocacy

Phone2Action mobile tools for advocacy can be activated by text message, embedded within emails, or shared on social media.

Read about Phone2Action’s mobile advocacy tools in this case study:

Partner: American Federation for Children

Focus: Promoting school choice for students in the United States

Scope: In 2014, The American Federation for Children (AFC) led initiatives in Louisiana to promote awareness and applications for the Louisiana Opportunity Scholarship program, a program that gives low-income students a scholarship to attend a private school of their choice. 

Problem: Reaching target populations can be tricky – digital advertising alone isn’t enough. AFC employed a variety of out of home and traditional advertising, including Radio ads, Bus ads, Billboards, and Direct Mail. Before Phone2Action AFC had no way to measure which methods were more cost effective and had a better conversion rate.

Solution: Use Phone2Action mobile advocacy tools to make it easy for people to start the application process on their mobile devices. AFC used different text keywords on different forms of advertisement, so they could track which methods were most utilized and drove the most qualified leads.

Engagement: More than 10,000 families engaged via phone, via text message in response to advertising and by making calls to the help-line. 

Advocacy impact: The Louisiana Scholarship program had a record number of applicants in 2014, even with a new, more restrictive application process. AFC has data on advertising efficacy and conversions, which will help future decisions about how to allocate funding to maximize the number of prospective scholarship recipients reached.

LASchool to 52886

Residents of Baton Rouge, Louisiana saw this billboard on the way to work and texted to learn more about the program