Employee Advocacy

Make employee advocacy easy - corporate advocacy campaignPhone2Action’s employee advocacy tools make it easy to connect your employees with elected officials over their preferred channels – from email to phones to social media – so your team can advocate for issues important to their company’s success and impact. 

With half of U.S. employees already talking about their employers on social media, organizations can now leverage these powerful social channels and promote employee advocacy.

Using the Phone2Action platform, you can quickly create engaging campaign action centers that make it simple and easy for your employees who are interested in supporting policy issues critical to the company’s success to get automatically matched with their elected officials on Twitter and Facebook.

Whether it’s a federal or local campaign, Phone2Action’s tools make it easy for your community to tweet or Facebook directly at their officials.Phone2Action platform - employee advocacy and corporate civic engagement

Through Phone2Action’s seamless integration with the world’s largest social media networks…

…your advocacy campaigns will no longer be limited to just emailing legislators. Our easy to use social sharing features will also bring in new supporters when your advocates take action.

Our tracking and reporting tools will allow you to capture all of your campaign’s social activity in your Phone2Action dashboard – making it easy to see exactly how many tweets, Facebook posts and social shares your campaign has received.

We would love to talk to you about how to include employee social media advocacy into your company’s work. Click here to schedule a demo and get more information about our Employee Advocacy Tools.