Communicating With Officials

Communicating with officials is easy from your smartphonePhone2Action’s full suite of grassroots advocacy tools provides organizations a flexible set of options to connect their advocates with legislators at all levels of government. Officials inboxes are overflowing with emails – so today’s successful public policy campaigns utilize more than just email. Our platform also includes Twitter, Facebook, Patch-thru calling, and petition tools. This flexibility extends into how your advocates engage with your campaigns, giving them choices on how to communicate, however is easiest for them, right from their phone, laptop, or tablet.

Social Media

  • Match your advocates to their (or any) officials’ Twitter & Facebook walls
  • Allow your advocates to post a template tweet to multiple officials with a single click, and post a social share message that loops other potential advocates back into your campaign page
  • Track data in real-time for every social media engagement you’ve generated

Email Officials

  • Match advocates to the officials you’d like them to target
  • Create email templates with pre-populated messages for advocates
  • Allow your advocates to edit part of your message
  • Ability to approve your advocates emails before sending
  • Collect your advocates’ emails and schedule a delivery date in the future

Patch-Through Calling

  • Match advocates with their officials
  • Record an audio message with talking points that your advocates will hear before they are patched-through to their official
  • Track all call activity in real-time


  • Inform and engage with petitions, which show live, updating counters of people that have taken action
  • Integrate with the White House’s “We the People” petition page, compounding the visibility of your issue and campaign.

  • Integrate with in real-time to influence regulations under consideration, not just legislation
  • Allow your advocates to quickly and easily provide their opinions during open comment periods on

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How Are Organizations Using Phone2Action’s Tools?

  1. Use Phone2Action’s grassroots advocacy tools to create engaging, multi-media campaign pages that inspire advocates – from supporters to employees – to act
  2. Use Phone2Action’s social integrations, telephony services, and email tools to give your advocates multiple ways to engage with lawmakers on critical public policy issues
  3. Get real-time, up-to-the minute reporting that you can use to share with your campaign manager, your board, and your members to highlight engagement
Phone2Action makes communicating with officials easy

Manage Your Campaigns in Realtime from the Phone2Action Dashboard

Read about Phone2Action’s grassroots advocacy tools in this case study:

Partner: Lyft

Focus: Providing transportation options and providing for job growth across the country

Scope: Lyft, a leading ride-sharing company that makes it possible for drivers to share their cars with riders, uses Phone2Action tools amplify the voices of the Lyft community – drives and riders  alike – making it easier for people to advocate for policies that permit ridesharing within cities and states throughout the country

Problem: People that ride and drive for Lyft are passionate, and look to lend their support to the public policy discussions that Lyft faces on a daily basis. Connecting them to their officials, however, was not easy, and Lyft needed a solution that works across the country, at the local and state level, and allows people to engage over their smartphone, laptops, or desktop computer. 

Solution: Use Phone2Action advocacy tools to instantly connect the Lyft community to elected officials – facilitating advocacy in more than 40 cities and states across the country since 2014.

Engagement: In one representative campaign, Lyft emailed a cohort and 28% of people responded to the call-to-action, driving hundreds of thousands of communications to state officials. The response rate was 14x the standard engagement rate for emailed calls-to-action, driven by an evocative call-to-action and easy-to-use Phone2Action tools.

Advocacy impact: The bills referenced above (and many others throughout the country) have been favorably resolved due, in part, to the advocates engagement on these issues. 

Lyft's success communicating with officials

Advocates – drives and riders alike – engage on Lyft Campaigns over smartphones

“The Phone2Action platform is powerful, allowing us to be independent and giving us control over our campaigns. They also have great customer support; help was always available when we needed it. Best of all, we can create campaigns and get them up-and-running in less than an hour, allowing us to be responsive to the rapidly-changing reality of local and state politics. People that take action through a Phone2Action campaign are important parts of our advocacy efforts and often testify at our hearings.” – Jeremie Vella, Senior Manager of Digital Organizing