Advocacy Live

Advocacy Live is a real-time view of campaign participation and momentum during events

Advocacy Live, Real-Time Display of Attendee Actions
  • Create live calls-to-action on stage
  • Display participants’ actions and location via live map
  • Stream twitter feeds and trending hashtags
  • Real-time ticker of Congressional members reached, advocates in action, messages sent
  • Use Phone2Action embed code to embed a live map and Twitter feed on your organization’s website
  • Inspire the room, tap into the energy
  • Watch the video: How Advocacy Live Works

Shine a spotlight on Advocate’s activity as it happens

Advocacy Live leverages campaign participation by attendees on site, and drives momentum and excitement by delivering a live display of campaign engagement highlighting who’s joining, social messages sent and members of congress contacted. A large interactive map updates the locations of advocates with a waterfall of pins dropping in place as they engage.

Power up excitement and participation, real time, at your next lobby day or fly-in event

Whether it’s a legislative, education or training meeting, generating grassroots supporter engagement, or driving advocate acquisition, this platform amplifies participation in social activity as it happens, and underscores actions and impact. It provides advocacy leaders with the powerful means to share personalized stories and harness the momentum each cause deserves.

See how the American Heart Association and NewSchools Venture Fund harnessed the energy of hundreds of attendees with advocacy live during an event in a matter of minutes.

American Heart Association Live Advocacy Video

NewSchools Live Advocacy event video

Partner Success Story: the Black Alliance for Educational Options

The next time you are creating a political fundraiser invitation, or are looking for event management software, consider using Phone2Action’s Live Advocacy tools — and power-up your advocacy.



Across 20 + events, approximately 41% of adult attendees across all events took action

Advocacy Impact:

More than 75,000 emails were delivered to elected officials
More than 7,000 subscribers joined the organization’s text list
Thousands of advocates have connected directly with their elected officials


The Black Alliance for Educational Options has held a series of major outreach events in states across the Midwest and the South over the last two years – with events ranging from a few hundred to more than 4,000 attendees.

They needed to inspire and give supporters at these large events a means to take action, and simultaneously capture their contact information. Phone2Action Live Advocacy Platform helps BAEO increase support and communication between event attendees and their local legislators.

BAEO is a state-level education advocacy, with a goal to ensure that every black children everywhere have access to a great education. To learn more about the Black Alliance for Educational Options visit

“Phone2Action makes it easy for people to take action. When a small group uses phone2action, it can be as powerful as a thousand people with signs rallying to advance a cause.”

– Howard Fuller, Board Chair, Black Alliance for Educational Options

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