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Webinar: Move New Supporters to Action

In the past few months, you’ve probably noticed people joining marches, contacting their legislators, and sharing their political opinions on Facebook much more often than usual. Everyday people are taking action on political and social issues at an unprecedented... read more

100 Days of Digital Advocacy

The president’s 100th day in office is fast approaching. Aside from executive orders, bills passed, and nominations confirmed, the president has stimulated a massive increase in grassroots advocacy since his election. Large crowds visited D.C. on the weekend of the... read more

Will the tech community rally on Net Neutrality?

Last month, Congress voted to invalidate FCC rules on broadband privacy which would have prevented Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from collecting and selling their customers’ information without their permission. Tech advocacy groups across the country strongly... read more

8 Pro Tips for Effective Grassroots Advocacy

In 2017, we’ve already seen a 67 percent increase in the number of Americans participating in Phone2Action advocacy campaigns, and that energy isn’t dying down anytime soon. So what are some ways your organization can leverage this captive audience? Read a quick... read more

Building Sustainable Movements

Phone2Action Co-Founder and CEO Jeb Ory recently appeared on Digital Politics with Karen Jagoda to talk about how to measure success in grassroots advocacy. Read below for some key takeaways from his words on building sustainable movements. Grassroots advocacy works.... read more