Alexa Skill

Call legislators with Phone2Action's Alexa skillPhone2Action’s commitment to innovation ensures our clients and civic-minded citizens can leverage the most up-to-date technology to power advocacy campaigns and make their voices heard.  As we look to the future, voice-controlled devices will become a major part of our lives and affect how we interact with technology. That’s why we developed the Phone2Action Alexa Skill.

It enables you to contact your Federal elected officials to let them know about issues that are important to you. Phone2Action will identify your lawmakers and connect you, via phone, to their offices so that your voice can be heard. Whatever your political affiliation, Phone2Action allows all American citizens to easily take part in the civic process.

Here are some example phrases for interacting with the skill:

Alexa skill: "Alexa, ask Phone2Action to call my legislator"
Phone2Action Alexa skillUsing the Phone2Action Alexa Skill:

  1. Enable the skill from the Amazon Alexa Marketplace onto your Alexa-enabled device.
  2. Once the skill is installed, say “Alexa, ask Phone2Action to call my legislators” or “Alexa, ask Phone2Action to contact my elected officials.”
  3. Alexa will prompt you for your 5-digit zip code, and then match you to your Member of Congress and your Senators.
  4. Alexa will then prompt you for your phone number. Once you provide your phone number, Phone2Action will call you and connect you directly with the Washington, DC offices of your legislators.