About Us

We’re passionate about civic engagement.

In the United States, everybody’s voice counts. The opportunity for civil discourse is what makes the United States a model for democracies everywhere. When we have problems, we don’t look the other way; we try to solve them. We built Phone2Action to empower the problem-solver and advocate that lives in everyone. We believe in people and our tools amplify people’s voices to effect change.

Meet the Team:

Jeb OryPatrick Stoddart

Our Advisors:

Nathan Daschle Adrian Fenty Gabe Klein

About the Founders:

Ximena Hartsock

Ximena, co-founder and President, is responsible for innovation and operations.

Ximena is an advocate at heart and has been involved in social advocacy campaigns since she was 11. Prior to co-founding Phone2Action, she managed membership and outreach for a national advocacy organization, where she ran hundreds of campaigns across the US. She has also held numerous leadership positions in Washington, DC, including spending time as a Principal, Assistant Superintendent and Agency Director. In 2009 she was appointed to the Executive Cabinet of DC Mayor Fenty. She understands advocacy both from 30,000 feet and on-the-ground, and her expertise is in making the impossible happen on a routine basis. She has a Doctorate in Policy Studies from the George Washington University and she was born and raised in Santiago Chile. She is passionate about education and about empowering people to take action to make this world a better place.

@ximenahartsock  *  fb.me/ximena.lin.9  *  linkedin.com


Jeb Ory

Jeb, co-founder and CEO, is responsible for strategy and sales.

Jeb has led business units and sold multi-million dollar deals to the largest retailers in the world. He also cofounded two mobile technology business prior to Phone2Action. Jeb’s  areas of focus are on customer experience, technology commercialization, and mobile relationship management. He’s a foreign policy buff, and has worked on the hill (in the Senate Subcommittee on National Security) and with domestic and international NGOs. When he’s not building at Phone2Action, he enjoys swimming, snowboarding (if it’s the winter, and if he’s extremely lucky), and cooking. He has an MBA from Chicago Booth and a BA in International Relations from Stanford University. He lives in DC with his wife, Lea.

@jebory  *  fb.me/jeb.ory  *  linkedin.com/in/jebory  *  Newsle


Patrick Stoddart

Patrick, co-founder and CTO, is responsible for technology and product development

Since he was 11, Patrick has been tinkering with technology. Starting on the family computer, he was captivated by the ability to quickly build and iterate on ideas. His hunger for teaching himself everything he possibly could quickly turned into a desire to develop platforms to solve real-world problems. He built his own content management system and licensed it to a few companies to finance his first computer (and, later, his first car), so he could keep building. At 16, before even graduating from high school, he started his first company to solve communications and scheduling problems he experienced as a student.

Stoddart is a PIPELINE member (2013 fellow), and is involved with 2BillionUnder20 and the Under20Summits.

@prstoddart  *  fb.me/prstoddart  *  linkedin.com/in/prstoddart  *  Pipeline  *  2BillionUnder20  *  Newsle